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If you have experience of a brain tumour diagnosis made before the age of 25, then we are your voice, and your support. Lifelong.

We offer a growing range of support services including our ‘unfocused group’ where survivors find community, through to our more formal support services, such as peer mentoring, our conferences and roadshows.

Children with brain tumours account for a third of total cancer diagnosis’ in children. Every year, over 1000 young people are diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK and 80% of them are deemed cured 5 years later. Many of those deemed to be cured are left with significant brain recovery needs.

We are the only UK charity campaigning for all brain recovery needs to be part of cure.

We receive no state aid, and rely totally on the generosity of our supporters.

2024 Success Conference

Our annual conference was held on the 2nd March 2024.

It brought together politicians, professionals from multiple disciplines in the medical community, and survivors (and their families) for an inspiring day. 

This year our conference theme was: ‘Successful Destinations

We receive no state aid.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to meet or running costs, which are around £250 per day.

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We are engaging with our survivor community in a project to enable them to share their voices.

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Our Autumn Roadshow heads to Manchester on Saturday 19th October 2024. 

More details will be released so so please do come back again soon. 

It’s time once again to show your support for Success by throwing your self out of aeroplanes, shaving heads and having fun…

The Summer of Fun returns for 2024! Click here to find out more

We have asked one of our Survivor community to share the discussion she would have, if she was invited to lunch at No 10 Downing Street

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62% of children who survive a brain tumour are left with a life altering, long term disability

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Grace's Story

Grace was 9 years old when she was diagnosed with a Meningioma.

Here, Grace tells her powerful story, from diagnosis to becoming a paediatric nurse.